The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework supports an integrated approach to early learning and care. All our professionals share a set of common principles and commitments to deliver quality early education and childcare experiences to all children. As well as providing the core areas and learning outcomes for all professionals working in the foundation years, the EYFS framework gives mums and dads confidence that they can be assured that statutory commitments and principles will underpin your child’s learning and development experience.

Snowdrops – Babies
Daisies – Early Toddler
Tulips – Older Toddler
Daffodils – Pre-FS

So much is happening as your child begins their third year! In our Daffodils class, your child will be forming new friendships and starting to become more independent. Children become capable of doing lots of things for themselves, like learning to put a jacket on or help with tasks like setting the table and tidying up their toys.
Language development also soars at this age, as children are using words to express their thoughts and feelings. In the third year, you will see a big jump in your child’s thinking skills, as we develop simple concepts such as opposites and time. Your child will start to talk about their past experiences and ask questions about their familiar world.
We will encourage creativity and problem-solving skills as they play and interact with others. Your child will also learn more self-control and coping skills and start to adapt their behaviour to different social situations.

Sunflowers – FS1