British Curriculum Nursery in Dubai

Baby Home Nursery follows the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We aim to implement the Teacher-Directed/Academic approach that comprises a structured philosophy where teachers plan daily activities and routines, and guide children as they take part in these events. The aim of this academic approach is to ease children into adapting to classroom setting and to prepare them for more formal learning later on.

Elements of a Teacher-Directed/Academic Preschool

• Focuses on basic academic skills such as pencil and paper activities
• Fosters a more quiet and organised setting than that of a play-centred classroom
• Teachers who guide students through simple activities like art projects and games

Through this creative approach, which is complemented by a strong focus on seven vital areas of learning and development for Early Years, our British nursery in Dubai offers an integrated and holistic learning programme that inspires independent learning, curiosity and passion for acquiring knowledge. Below, we have outlined the key concepts that children will have the opportunity to learn and develop in each unique area.

Seven Core Areas of Our British Curriculum

Communication and language
Personal, social and emotional
Understanding the world
Expressive arts and design

In addition to classroom activities, we hold outside events and excursions to stimulate holistic learning among children. We gladly cater to the young developmental needs of toddlers and children aged 3 months to 4 years old. If you are looking for the best British nursery in Dubai to give your child a great start in academics, feel free to get in touch with Baby Home Nursery through phone (044207973), mobile (0559731097) or email (